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Soundtrack review: Exit to Eden (Patrick Doyle, 1994)

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Soundtrack review: Exit to Eden (Patrick Doyle, 1994)



“Exit to Eden” is a 1994 buddy cop comedy adapted from a novel with a completely different subject. It’s one of the earlier Patrick Doyle scores and one of his simplest actually. There’s not a lot to get excited about in this one. I loved the soft piano themes, like “The temptation”, they show traces of what Doyle’s music was going to become. This theme is jazzy and tender and an instant classic for me.

Overall though, the score is uneven and all over the place. It has jazz cues, action cues, dramatic cues, all condensed in a little over half an hour of music that probably moves at the pace of the movie. As a standalone listen, it lacks an identity. “Exit to Eden” sounds like a collection of tracks put together randomly. What it has going for itself are the few orchestral surges in the first cues, surges that remind me that this is Patrick Doyle I’m listening to. I also enjoyed “The bedroom”, which sounds like a period ball piece and could have found its way on Branagh’s Shakespeare adaptations.

With all its problems, “Exit to Eden” never gets boring. It makes for a good background listen and reminds you that it’s there from time to time with a few sudden changes of pace. I can’t say I wasted my time listening to one of the more forgettable Doyle efforts.

 Cue rating: 63 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 5 / 33

Album excellence: 14%


The Temptation

The Bedroom

Elliot & Lisa

Mihnea Manduteanu

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