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Soundtrack review: Igor (Patrick Doyle, 2008)

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Soundtrack review: Igor (Patrick Doyle, 2008)



Igor is an animated movie about the stock character, assistant to many types of villains, such as Frankenstein or Count Dracula, and his quest to win first place at the Evil Science Fair.

Patrick Doyle’s score doesn’t take any chances. It’s the usual animated movie offering that guides the listener, preferably young, through the feelings induced by the movie. We have jolly and fun simple adventure cues… we have a couple of emotional themes and we also have a few scarier cues, since it’s a movie about the Evil Science Fair. Actually, there’s an ominous sound all through the scores, touching many of the cues. All of the feelings are dosed right, for a Sunday morning kind of a score.

I did love “Eve” and the sweet piano theme it introduced. I was surprised to actually find a proper theme and I liked this one. It’s simple and piano only, but it is a nice change of mood and also quite touching. The theme returns at the end of the movie.

My favorite cue from “Igor“ was “Evil bone”. This is classical Patrick Doyle action music, engaging, exciting and actually scary in some moments. It could also have found its place on a different, more serious score. Other than that, Igor comes and goes to the place where I won’t find it again.

Cue rating: 64 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 14/62

Album excellence: 23%


Cues to listen to:



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