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Soundtrack review: La ligne droite (Patrick Doyle, 2011)

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Soundtrack review: La ligne droite (Patrick Doyle, 2011)


“La ligne droite” is a French drama which focuses on the sport of blind running. Patrick Doyle scored it on some budget limitations (he was only able to use ten members of the orchestra, who had to play many more instruments), and the result was magnificent. From the moment it starts, the score sends me to a place I really love, the minimalist piano world of Philip Glass. This is a score composed and performed in that unique style. After another few minutes I get flashbacks to my favorite James Horner piano-based scores, and this made me love “La ligne droite” even more.
Even if the Philip Glass vibe covers the entire score, it doesn’t mean that “La ligne droite” lacks an identity of its own or Patrick Doyle’s signature. The training cues, where the strings took the lead or “The other woman” are tracks I would always recognize as Doyle’s. Even if they are all short (under two minutes long) they have time to develop into the familiar sound I love.
The dominant sound in this score is still the racing, relentless piano, beating like a heart shot full of adrenaline. It’s a rush to listen to it, an exciting experience. “Stealing a car” and “Running in the sand” are wonderful and intense journeys. The music takes you mind to all sorts of places in a whirlwind of black and white key sounds.  “Yannick falls overboard” makes the sensation even deeper; it’s my favorite cue from this score, alongside “The race”. The score may be minimal, but it hides a treasure underneath.
If you are into piano, and you like minimalistic scores, this one definitely is for you. If you like beautiful music, this score definitely is for you. I have a soft spot for minimalistic piano scores and I am also a big Philip Glass fan. I was very happy to see Patrick Doyle venture into this territory and shine. “La ligne droite” is probably my favorite Doyle score of the past few years. It is beautiful, it has heart and it speaks to me. The fact that it does it in a language I’ve been familiar with for a long time only makes the listening experience better.
My ratings:
Cue rating: 91 / 100
Total minutes of excellence: 38 / 40
Album excellence: 93%
Cues to listen to:
Leila Runs Free
Stadium Memories
Seeing Her Son
Training Games
First Training
You Tricked Me!
Suspension Bridge
Stealing A Car
Running In The Sand
Yannick Falls Overboard
Playing Bridges
Leila’s Past
Triple Training
Raising Hands Together
Through The Tunnel
The Race
Yannick And Leila
Mihnea Manduteanu

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