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Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 3 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 3 (Angelo Badalamenti)



Episode three of my Twin Peaks musical archives review focuses on music from episodes 3 through 6. The “Freshly squeezed” theme comes in four more variations, this time for flute and clarinet. I’m particularly fond of the solo flute version.

“Sneaky Audrey” returns, ominous as ever, while Laura’s theme gets a dark synth version that kind of strips it of all emotion, it sounds like a Terminator version of it. It also gets another solo piano variation that redeems it. The solo guitar version of The Bookhouse Boys” is my favorite for this track. It’s simple and cool. Jazz fans can rejoice in the “Great Northern big band”. Hank, freshly out of jail, gets two version of his own menacing and untrustworthy theme. It’s a great introduction for the character. This episode of the archives also includes a few country instrumental songs as heard in the movie. If you are into this, “Llama county”, “Secret country” and “Picking on country” are for you.

The most important theme introduced in this section is the original version of the heartbreaking “Love theme from Twin Peaks”. Here you have it in all its haunting glory. Quiet, sad and piercing… On par with this is “Into the night”, one of my favorite Julee Cruise songs from the entire score. This track epitomizes for me the essence of what Twin Peaks is all about: sad, dark, beautiful and scary in the same time. Just listen to this track and you’ll know Twin Peaks.

This section ends with a couple of more versions of the other two main jazz themes of the score,  “Audrey’s dance” and “Dance of the dream man”.

…to be continued…

Cue rating: 71 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 21 / 65

Album excellence: 32%


Cues to listen to:

Sneaky Audrey

Laura Palmer’s theme (Dark Synth)

Laura Palmer’s theme (Piano A) take 1

Invitation to Love (lover’s dilema)

Laura Palmer’s theme (Clarinet strings bridge)

Love theme from Twin Peaks

Freshly squeezed (solo clarinet)

Into the night

Laura Palmer’s theme (Clarinet bridge)


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