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Soundtrack review: Dragon age – Inquisition (Trevor Morris – 2014)

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Soundtrack review: Dragon age – Inquisition (Trevor Morris – 2014)


“Dragon Age – Inquisition” is, according to the reviews, the game of the year. It also benefits from a score written by one of the most exciting composers around, Trevor Morris. At almost 100 minutes, it promises to be a very exciting journey.

The games scores of 2014 have been either thundering epic or blissfully atmospheric. This one seems to take the best of both worlds. The short cues are epic and intense, while every now and then we get a 5 minute track that’s just dreamy and hypnotic. “The wrath of heaven” and “In hushed whispers” quiet down the world of this score and drown out the battle cries. “Dragon Age” gets even more beautiful when it soothes us with a soft, carol like choir in “The dawn will come”. This track opens a wonderful section of the score. “Journey to Skyhold” is definitely a contender for the shortlist of the best cues of 2014. This is a 2 minute wonder that starts with only a few goose bumps before completely taking me over. It seems that’s the place to be, because later in the score “Return to Skyhold” is also one of the best tracks from this composition.

The action cues are really remarkable because, though short (under two minutes most of them) and soaked with adrenaline, they are much more complex than simple trailer music tracks. There’s a lot to choose from in “Dragon Age – Inquisition”, and I’m sure listeners of this score will take their pick. To me, this is not a score I will necessarily listen to again in its entirety, because towards the end the themes get a little repetitive, engaging as they are. I will make my own selection of at most an hour and end up with the best listening experience.

In a year filled with amazing game scores, Trevor Morris’s “Dragon Age – Inquisition” shines and will end up among the best of them. The rich thematic content and the variety of feelings this score nurtures will make it a classic.

Cue rating: 79 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 61 / 97

Album excellence: 63%


Dragon Age Inquisition Theme

Escape From The Fade

The Wrath Of Heaven

Calling The Inquisition

Lord Seeker

In Hushed Whispers


In Your Heart Shall Burn

The Dawn Will Come

Journey To Skyhold

The Western Approach

Adamant Fortress

The Inquisition Marches

The Lost Temple

Death On The Bridge

Return To Skyhold


Orlais Theme

Thedas Love Theme

A World Torn Asunder

Mihnea Manduteanu

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