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Soundtrack review: Mouvements du desir (Zbigniew Preisner – 1997)

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Soundtrack review: Mouvements du desir (Zbigniew Preisner – 1997)


“Mouvements du desir” is a Canadian road movie, which takes place on a train from Montreal to Vancouver. It is one of the early Zbingniew Preisner scores, composed in between the Troir Couleurs trilogy.

The dominant theme of the score is a solo trumpet motif, melancholic and loud. It makes a statement, it makes me think of a train horn. It is the longest cue of the score. “Mouvements du desir” has 29 cues and 37 minutes, so most of the tracks are extremely short inserts. Not all of them have time to develop into something interesting, but most of them work. “La lettre” for example is a wonderful miniature of an orchestral track. This score alternates orchestra with jazz, the trumpet cues break the rhythm of the journey every now and then. I prefer the orchestral bits, because the trumpet gets a little repetitive. Unfortunately, this is the most developed theme from the score.

The score is beautiful, but many cues sound like excerpts of something longer I’d really love to hear. “L’amour” and “Theme du voyage” are two especially wonderful cues which I replayed as soon as the score ended and I would have loved to have heard them developed even more. This is my main problem with this score… half of it is beautiful, but too short, and I lose my interest in the other half after the first two trumpet variations…

Luckily, the end brings a well-developed piano main theme in which I recognize bits that had touched me before, and makes the score completely worth listening to. Preisner just goes with it and ends this score with the best track.

Cue rating: 68 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 13 / 38

Album excellence: 33%



Mouvements du desir


Catherine dans son miroir


Theme du voyage

Premier baiser

Premier baiser

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