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Soundtrack review: The maid’s room (Arturo Rodriguez – 2014)

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Soundtrack review: The maid’s room (Arturo Rodriguez – 2014)



“The maid’s room” is a psychological thriller set in the rich part of New York. The score is written by Mexican composer Arturo Rodriguez, who has worked as an orchestrator on a few scores in the past couple of years.

The score starts very promising. “Drina”, the theme for the heroine of the movie, is a soft piano based motif, part mysterious, part honest. This theme is the heart of the score and it links all its parts. It recurs quite often and gives “The maid’s room” a solid identity. The theme subtly changes tone, probably reflecting the character’s on screen actions.

“The maid’s room” sounds like a 90s thriller score: suspenseful and low key. Even so, the score doesn’t fade in the background. I know it’s there; it grabs my hand from time to time and makes me pay attention to it. “The dream” did that, with a few well places piano strokes that tell a wordless story. It is a prelude to the one true creepy track of the score “Humiliation / Trying to escape”. This one shows a lot of potential from Arturo Rodriguez, it sits with the more interesting horror cues I heard this year. I love how the piano sounds, deconstructed and twisted. This was the most interesting cue from the score. It also marks a change in pace, as the events precipitate in the movie.

“The maid’s room” had parts which reminded me of Howard Shore’s “The game” score. I got the same feelings of unease and mystery that I found there. The score is tense, very creepy at times (“Reburial” is another cue that could sit very well on a horror score) and I get a clear sense of what the movie will be about. The composer does a great job of setting the mood. Once the suspense is over, the end comes very clear with two beautiful piano themes, “The end” and “Drina’s theme”. This final version of Drina’s theme doesn’t sound as innocent as the one from the beginning. It turns into an interesting tango, and I’m sensing there will be more to the character than meets the eye when I’ll see the movie.

I liked this score, it was a very interesting listen.

Cue rating: 70 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 20 / 49

Album excellence: 41%




The Dream

Humiliation / Trying to Escape


The End

Drina’s Theme from “The Maid’s Room”

Mihnea Manduteanu

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