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Soundtrack review: Trois couleurs – Blanc (Zbigniew Preisner – 1994)

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Soundtrack review: Trois couleurs – Blanc (Zbigniew Preisner – 1994)



White is the final score I’m listening to from the “Trois couleurs” trilogy. The first two scores didn’t really impress me.

The beginning of the score is driven by a haunting solo flute. I like it at first, but it isn’t enough to hold an entire score. I welcome the piano concert and violin tango sound of “Home at last”. It is a lovely little cue that will remain one of my favorites from the trilogy. The tango sound extends to “On the Wisla” and “The party on the Wisla”, and it is beautiful. If the bolero sound was the main theme of “Red”, it’s tango’s turn here and it sounds more exciting. This score is livelier than the other two.

The violin gets to me and makes me care for “White”. Even if it’s shorter than one minute, “Don’t fall asleep” is one of the best cues of this score. Same for “Don Karol I”: short and sweet. These cues remind me of Russian violin songs. I never get bored of violin cues and I am actually sorry that the score is almost over then I hear “Morning at the hotel”. These cues make you want to drink a glass of red wine and enjoy a great meal.

I get the impression that the movie might have two worlds in it, because the violin world from the music is very different from the rest of it, which is sadder and paler. But I don’t mind those cues, because I got enough excitement from the violin. “White” is my favorite score from the trilogy and the only one I might listen to again in the future.

Cue rating: 71 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 12 / 31

Album excellence: 38%



04 – A Chat in the Underground

06 – Home at Last.mp3

07 – On the Wisla.mp3

08 – First Job.mp3

09 – Don’t Fall Asleep.mp3

12 – The Party on the Wisla.mp

13 – Don Karol I.mp3

17 – Morning at the Hotel.mp3


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