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Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 4 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 4 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Episode 4 of my Twin Peaks musical archives review series focuses on music from episodes 7 from season 1, and the first two episodes of season 2.

“Laura Palmer’s theme” appears in three more versions in this section. The piano and Rhodes version is uneven and takes out the mystery from this track. The piano is too sharp at the beginning and the only sections I love are the ones without the new piano inserts, too aggressive and out of place for my taste. The core of the theme is too beautiful to be altered and it shines in all its beauty and sadness in the middle section of this version. Next is the solo piano version, which sounds more melancholic than sad. It’s like the pain has settled in and now people are simply remembering Laura, quietly and with a smile in the corner of the mouth. The “guardian angel version” is cold and ghostly.

We get one of the creepiest tracks from the whole score in this section, the 12 minutes long “Slow Speed Orchestra 4 (White Lodge Rumble)”. It’s an unsettling slow burning motif, not very appropriate for a standalone listen. There’s also a very short variation of the Twin Peaks theme, with only harp and guitar. It’s more of a tender insert which makes me think of a Twin Peaks morning when everything is ok.

The new vocal theme introduced in this section is “Just you”. It’s one of the tracks where I can remember exactly the scene from the TV show, with Donna lip synching it to James, in a dark and smoky atmosphere. The voice sounds distorted, as if heard through a bottle. This episode ends with the instrumental version of this track. Without the voice, it sounds like a melancholic island tune.

Once again, Audrey steals the show with a beautiful theme, “Audrey’s prayer”, a soft, gentle and touching motif that gives us an insight in this misunderstood girls’ psyche. It really sounds like a prayer and it is the most beautiful cue from this part of the archives.

…to be continued…


Cue rating: 68 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 14/65

Album excellence: 21%

Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano and Rhodes)

Laura Palmer’s Theme (Solo Piano)

Twin Peaks Theme (Harp and Guitar)

Laura Palmer’s Theme (Guardian Angel version)

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Of

Just You

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