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Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 5 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 5 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Episode 5 of my reviews…

This section starts with a solo clarinet improvisation of the “One armed man theme” and a similar instrument based version of Jean Renault’s ominous theme. These two characters appear for the first time in our musical journey. These two tracks are just what their names suggest, clarinet improvisations which are subject to everyone’s tastes. I didn’t like them.

My on an off relationship with the Rhodes knows another chapter. This time, the main theme gets this treatment and it sounds interesting because it reminds me of arcade game themes. It’s dreamy and more superficial than the original version, but I like it. “Josie and Jonathan (the mill deal)” is another new and interesting motif. It comes from the dark and it’s a synth track reminiscent of “Terminator” or the recently rereleased “Warning sign”. It’s threatening and bleak.

The middle section of this chapter is absolutely brilliant. It starts with “Love theme (dark)”, and I didn’t think there could be a version of this theme darker than the original. Dark doesn’t mean more depressing though, it means quieter, more subdued and more subtle. It doesn’t have the sadness or the depth of the original, but the flute sounds just as beautiful and I love the echo this version has. It sounds like the wind version of this theme, a beautiful melody that comes over you and then dissipates back into the air. The 4th piano variation of Laura Palmer’s theme is a given, I will never get tired of these notes.

Harold, one of the characters I thought was artificially introduced in the series and I didn’t care much for gets a very interesting theme, in three versions that I really like. “The living novel” version is slow and ethereal, a melodic and hypnotic synth track that gets the sadness and isolation of the character. The “Harpsichord” version is not as engaging, but it still reminds me of the atmosphere in Harold’s house. The original version of “Harold’s theme” has a very special sound to it, and I would immediately know it was from Twin Peaks. The melody is pure Twin Peaks; it has that inescapable sound to it. Again, ethereal is the word I’d use for these themes.

The final highlight of this section is the “New shoes” theme. We all remember the scene when Leo suddenly wakes up, and this cool jazzy cue marks the moment properly.

…to be continued…


Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Rhodes)

Josie and Jonathan (The Mill Deal)

Love Theme (Dark)

Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) take 4

Harold’s Theme (The Living Novel)

Harold’s Theme (Harpsichord)

Harold’s Theme

New Shoes

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