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Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 6 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks archive – episode 6 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Episode 6 of my Twin Peaks archive review focuses on music from Season 2, Episodes 8 – 13. These are the episodes where the main plot of the show is resolved and Twin Peaks changes pace…

Laura Palmer’s final farewell is presented through three more variations of her theme. The instruments used this time are the ethereal pad and the vibraphone. The names are pretty self-explanatory, and the music reflects that. These renditions sound as if they are played under water and only retain the echo of the original melody.

My beloved synth shines in the eerie “Owl cave”. “The culmination” is one of the creepiest and hair raising track from the archives. For the first half it sounds like a crazy mental torture mechanism, but if you resist through that, you get to a beautiful melody which is the broken “Love theme” put back together again.

Audrey is the true star of this section though. There are two versions each for her prayer and her sneaky theme, and I love them all because these variations are synth based.  Audrey’s prayer keeps getting quieter and quieter, slower and slower.

The true gem of this part of the archive is the nostalgia version of the Twin Peaks theme. That amazing cue gets a makeover and is transported in the early 80’s, with the simple sounds and devices available then. It doesn’t sound as deep as the original, but it sounds more melancholic. And, just for variation, we get the solo piano version as well, which sounds almost happy…

…to be continued…


Laura Palmer’s Theme (Ethereal Pad version)

Owl Cave

The Culmination

The Mill Durge

Audrey’s Prayer (Synth version)

Audrey’s Prayer (Clarinet & Synth)

Twin Peaks Theme (Nostalgia version)


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