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Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks musical archive – episode 8 (Angelo Badalamenti)


Soundtrack review: Twin Peaks musical archive – episode 8 (Angelo Badalamenti)



My Twin Peaks music archives series continues with the final two episodes, which feature tracks unused in the series. In episode 8 I look for gems in tracks 171 – 190.

The section begins with 6 dark intros. They are generic dark and they give me the impression of dark plastic store screen models thrown in a wood, in pieces, models that could come back to life anytime given the proper motivation.

James and Evelyn are the stars of this section of the archives. There are two versions of “Evelyn’s mourning”, none as depressing as I would have expected, and one 9 minute trail mix of “James and Evelyn”.

You can tell that the tracks in this section are takes that didn’t make the final cut. They sound like improvisations of our favorite themes, but I love them just the same. There are two piano takes of the “Laura Palmer” theme that show, once again, the brilliance of this theme…anyway they play it…any instrument they use…the heart of the cue is still there; Laura’s essence is so clear and so well defined that no matter what happens, it can never fade away.

A lovely little (12 seconds long) gem is the “Twin Peaks Christmas greeting”. It’s delicious and self explanatory. The final cue of this section, the extender version of “The Pink Room” could have found its raw way into the series.

…to be continued…


Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) take 1

Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) take 2

The Pink Room (extended version)


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