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Soudtrack review: The A-team (Alan Silvestri – 2010)

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Soudtrack review: The A-team (Alan Silvestri – 2010)



I spent a lot of hours having fun watching “The A-team” TVs how when I was a kid. It was silly, enjoyable and great for a background watch while I was doing something else. I absolutely loved the main theme, one of my favorites from the 80s. The movie version from 2010 was as fun to watch, except I was older and didn’t really enjoy that kind of silliness anymore.

Alan Silvestri wrote the score and it is an almost enjoyable generic action score. It sounded to be just a little above the generic action score genre Harry Gregson Williams used for the past few years. There are very few moments of really exciting music in this one. The orchestral parts are too seldom for me and what rings most in my years are the electronic effects.

There are a few highlights though. For example, I hear excellence in “Court martial”, a track that rises above the rest. This is an exciting and well developed theme, and if the whole score had been orchestral goodness like this one, “The A-team” would have been a winner. Tracks like that one or the awesome “Flying a tank” reach the high action movie standards set by Brian Tyler in the past few years. When I hear these tracks I realize the potential this score had and regret even more the bland generic action beats in between. Unfortunately those beats drown everything else and make “The A team” very hard to sit through.

Luckily, there’s a little reward at the end of the final, cue: the original TV show theme…But other than that, I will forget this score as soon as it’s done .

Cue rating: 61 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 14 / 73

Album excellence: 19%


  1. Alpha Mike Foxtrot
  2. Flying A Tank


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