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Soundtrack review: Back to the future III (Alan Silvestri – 1990)

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Soundtrack review: Back to the future III (Alan Silvestri – 1990)


The end of the “Back to the future” trilogy took place in the Wild West. It’s the movie I’m least connected with from the three. The third “Back to the future” score is also different than the first two. For me, it marks a slight departure from the way the other two scores felt.

The main theme is also new, but it’s a welcomed addition. I love it as much as the original one. I especially like the sound of the “End credits”. I smile and think yes, this is what “Back to the future” is all about, tracks like this.  The rest of the score steps a little further from the usual sound. It is a very enjoyable listen, and a great score, but it doesn’t have the same emotional value to me as the first two, I feel disconnected from it. For example “At first sight” is a great sentimental theme, but it doesn’t bring back the fun and the memories of the franchise.

My favorite pieces from this final part of the trilogy are the three parts of “The train”: “A science experiment?”, “It’s Clara” and “Point of no return”. They are awesome action / adventure cues that match the identity of the movie and franchise. These ones and the main theme are my takeaways from this final ride.

Cue rating: 76 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 30 / 45

Album excellence: 68%


Main Title

It’s Clara (The Train Part II)

At First Sight

Doc Returns

Point Of No Return (The Train Part III)

Doc To The Rescue

The Kiss

We’re Out Of Gas

A Science Experiment? (The Train Part I)

End Credits

Mihnea Manduteanu

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