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Soundtrack review: Cast away (Alan Silvestri – 2001)

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Soundtrack review: Cast away (Alan Silvestri – 2001)


“Cast away” reunited the team behind Forest Gump, with almost similar success. I loved this movie and how Tom Hanks played the part and I watch it again with pleasure every time it’s on. Again, the trailer was deceiving, because it used music from James Horner’s “Braveheart”…

I remember how the music struck me when it came on. The theme from “Cast away” is very recognizable to me, I remember all the scenes where it came on and I also remember how well I though the music fit. What I realized only upon watching the movie for the second time was that there was no music for the duration of the character’s isolation on the island. There were only nature or animal noises, and the score only started when he was finally rescued.

The music is sensitive and for some reason resonates inside me every time I hear it. Tom Hanks’ difficulties in coping with the real world again, his dilemmas and sorrows are echoed through the simple but poignant motifs that Alan Silvestri crafted. I don’t remember it often, but it’s there and I know itvand it pulls my sleeve every now and then and makes me aware of its presence. And as soon as “Drive to Kelly’s” or “Cast away” start playing, I remember the scenes from the movie, word for word, facial expression for facial expression.

I really loved this movie and I am very happy that there is this very short promo score and this wonderful little theme to remind me of it. To me, it’s on par with the “Forrest Gump” theme. There’s not much variation during these 25 minutes, but the subtle little changes from cue to cue are enough for me. The “End titles” suite is especially marvelous because every now and then the sound of water, the exact moments before he’s found drifting, interrupts the music. It’s brilliant. And yes, I remember how the water sounded when Tom Hanks’ character was found in the movie.

This promo score leaves me with a very pleasant feeling inside and with “What the tide could bring” still ringing in my ears…

Cue rating: 89 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 24

Album excellence: 100%



Cast Away

Wilson, I’m Sorry

Drive To Kelly’s

Love Of My Life

What The Tide Could Bring


End Credits (Bonus)


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