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Soundtrack review: Game of thrones (season 4) (Ramin Djawadi – 2014)


Soundtrack review: Game of thrones (season 4) (Ramin Djawadi – 2014)



The music of “Game of thrones” has gradually become one of the most exciting in TV land. With each season, with each year, Ramin Djawadi’s compositions have gotten better, more intense and more memorable. If after season 1 I was left with only the addictive main theme, by the time the season 4 music came out, I had a much easier time counting the cues which weren’t excellent.

As the weather gets colder and the characters more savage and broken, the music shifts from emotional to piercing, from tender and inspirational to sharp and stark. The score has evolved just like the characters and there’s little to no innocence left in the sound. Even the emotional cues like “I’m sorry for today” get more heartbreaking in season 4. The new characters like the man eating “Thenns” get a theme “Game of thrones” hasn’t seen until now: savage, clanking like metal and very threatening. The music makes me more scared of them than the mighty dragons. But, in the end, as always, the greatest evil lies in men.

This bleak atmosphere makes us appreciate even more the cues performed by the wonderful Czech Film Choir. “First of his name”, “You are no son of mine” and “The children” are among my favorites from this score. They express the richness of emotion in the characters that George R.R. Martin loves to torture.

There are nods to my favorite themes of past seasons… ”Two swords” is a beautifully woven bland between the Stark theme (King of the North) and the Lannister song (The Rains of Castamere), made to show how Ned Starks former sword has been melted and made in two swords for the Lannisters. Just brilliant.

With every year that passes, there’s more to enjoy from Ramin Dwajadi’s “Game of thrones” scores. I hope this progression continues and I can’t wait for the Season 5 music.

Cue rating: 85 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 47 / 60

Album excellence: 78%


Main Titles – The Czech Film Choir

The Rains of Castamere

Watchers on the Wall

I’m Sorry for Today



First of His Name – The Czech Film Choir

The Biggest Fire the North Has Ever Seen

Three Eyed Raven

Two Swords


You Are No Son of Mine – The Czech Film Choir

The North Remembers

The Real North

Forgive Me

I Only See What Matters

Take Charge of Your Life

The Children – The Czech Film Choir

Mihnea Manduteanu

I have been listening to film music for 25 years and writing about it since 2014. I've written over 1000 reviews and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I am also a member of IFMCA (International Film Music Critics Association).

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