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Soundtrack review: Identity (Alan Silvestri – 2003)

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Soundtrack review: Identity (Alan Silvestri – 2003)



I remember seeing Identity in the cinema with my sister on my birthday the year it came out. I enjoyed the idea and the atmosphere. I don’t remember noticing the score though, so maybe a standalone listen of Alan Silvestri’s composition might make me remember something.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. “Identity” was a smart and engaging thriller, but the score is not. In its defense it is quite short so it didn’t really have time to develop, but even in these conditions, I expected to find some cues to remember. There were a few cues that did get my attention though. “Lou is dead” is really creepy, Predator lever creepy. “Suicide jumper” has nice atmospheric parts, while “Showdown” finally delivers what I wanted from this score. It’s thrilling, it’s scary and it’s the best track from this score.

The “End credits” also salvage the listening experience. They start with the soft prayer of the main character as a child, the origin of his disease, and continue as quite an exciting track compared to the rest of the score. But overall I didn’t find anything in “Identity” that I’d want to listen to again.

Cue rating: 60 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 2 /32

Album excellence: 7%





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