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Soundtrack review: Laggies (Benjamin Gobbard – 2014)

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Soundtrack review: Laggies (Benjamin Gobbard – 2014)


“Laggies” is a movie about an overeducated and underemployed girl, played by Keira Knightly and the consequences of her high school sweetheart proposing to her.  The score was written by Benjamin Gibbard, the lead singer of the band “Death cab for cutie”. It’s his first film score.

The first thing I notice is the length and distribution of the score: 21 tracks for 17 minutes. This is very strange for a movie score and I am wondering what it has to offer me in such a short, crumbled time. Gibbard did exactly what he should have done: he wrote a lovely little Sunday afternoon score. His music, piano and string based, is the condiment you feel in your food but can’t identify. It’s has a pleasant taste and it makes the dish better. The cues are pieces of themes, intermezzos to mark various moments in time. There’s hardly any time to develop a proper theme, or to talk about minutes of excellence, but “Laggies” knows its place and makes the most of it. It brightens up that quarter of an hour and it leaves you with a very pleasant sensation once it’s over.

“Laggies” is another nice little score for special relaxing and feel good moments.

Cue rating: 61 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 1 / 17

Album excellence : 4%


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