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Soundtrack review: Mac and me (Alan Silvestri – 1987)

Alan Silvestri month Composer of the month

Soundtrack review: Mac and me (Alan Silvestri – 1987)



From what I gather, “Mac and me” is a shameless copy of ET. It is notable for two facts: that it features on most lists of the worst movies ever made, and that it marks the debut of one Jennifer Aniston, in an uncredited part. Despite all that, Alan Silvestri’s score was praised and got a complete release by Quartet Records. I initially hadn’t included it in my list for Alan Silvestri month, but my friend Jorn Tillnes from www.soundtrackgeek.com recommended it to me.

The first two cues, “Family planet” and “Overture” are amazing. They are two fairytale, dreamy orchestral wonders that sent me dreaming right away and put me in a very good mood. The beginning of “Mac and me” is beautiful and sweeping and is a sign of things to come.

The score is written in the wonderful and easily recognizable 80’s comedy adventure style. I know this style, I’m familiar with it, I’ve heard it countless times and it has a big sentimental value to me. It’s fun and enjoyable and Alan Silvestri’s conducts his orchestra on wonderful paths. The chase cues for example remind me of “Back to the future”.

“Mac cries” is a simple and tender cue which touches the right chords. “Erik takes the plunge” is beautiful and inspirational and with every step it takes this score establishes itself as one of the nicest surprises of this month. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but the extra touch of brilliance and heart from Silvestri makes the difference. We get fun cues, adventure cues, and emotional cues, even atmospheric cues (“The question is what” or “I won’t let anybody hurt you”) and with all this, “Mac and me” ends up as a wonderful journey. Most of the themes it brings are simply but infectious. They don’t need to be more than that to become very fond memories for me.

I would highlight “She’s alive” as my favorite atmospheric cue from this score. It will surely make my list of best cues from Alan Silvestri month. I just close my eyes and dream when I hear this one; it gives me a peaceful floating sensation. I might try listening to it before going to sleep…”Mac and me” will be among the most unexpected discoveries from this month, and I am glad I didn’t pass by it..

Cue rating: 78 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 39 / 50

Album excellence: 77%


Family Planet


Into the Valley / Pretty Nice

Family Photo

Shower Prints

Mac Cries

Eric Takes the Plunge

The Question Is What

I Won’t Let Anybody Hurt You

Big Chase

She’s Alive

They’re Not Dangerous


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