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Soundtrack review: Overboard (Alan Silvestri – 1987)

Alan Silvestri month Composer of the month

Soundtrack review: Overboard (Alan Silvestri – 1987)


It’s a new month, and December will be Alan Silvestri month. Each day I will review one of the scores form this incredibly talented and versatile composer. And we start with “Overboard”, one of the 80s comedies I love and remember the most. This silly Goldie Hawn / Kurt Russell movie was one of the romantic comedies that I always loved to re watch. me and my family used to to wear out the tape when i was a kid. Both actors were fit for the part and made the movie quite delicious.

Alan Silvestri’s score starts just like that: with a delicious synth gem. It sounds just like the main theme of an arcade game. The arcade game simplicity magic continues and “Crabs’r’us” partly reminds me of “The neverending story”.

This score is quite a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy simple and silly synthesizer. I am laughing all the way through this score. I sometimes even wonder if it’s a movie score I’m listening to. “Water fight – chase mom – coach puppies” or “Making lunch” sound like a kid playing a toy synth, or the very basic themes of the first arcade computer games ever made. I feel like Super Mario running and jumping through a poorly drawn landscape, earning extra lives.

But then we have tracks like “Something not horrible” which apart from not being horrible is actually quite a sweet love theme. “Dreamboat” is a classic 80s holiday track. There’s nothing modern or polished about this score, but it’s such a fun listen…If you ever played an Amiga or Commodore computer game when you were a kid, you’ll love this one. It is also the sound of carefree, light 80s summer time comedies, and it will definitely put you in a great mood. It’s one of those scores that deserve a listen, because it’s simply adorable. Like a puppy. A funny, awkward and stumbling puppy who makes you laugh no matter what it does. And every now and then, it gets up and runs beautifully, completely surprising you with a wonderful cue like “The jig is up”.

“Overboard” goes right in the 80s magic vault with “Tango and Cash” or other similar scores. If you love that sound, give this one a listen.

Cue rating: 75 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 44

Album excellence: 54%


She Really Is Something (Alternate Mix)

Water Fight / Chase Mom / Couch Puppies

Making Lunch

Something Not Horrible


Daily Chores

The Jig’s Up

World’s Best

Daily Chores (Alternate)

Love Theme from Overboard


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