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Soundtrack review: Serendipity (Alan Silvestri – 2003)

Serendipity Front
A simple little film latched itself to me and brought with it a few short and happy little tracks…

“Serendipity” is in my top five favorite romantic comedies. I instantly connected with it and watched the movie countless times. The fun subject, the chemistry between John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale and the wonderful warmth of the movie made me watch it over and over again. I watched it so many times that everything from the dialogue to the music stuck in my head and I can instantly identify and connect them.

Alan Silvestri’s score didn’t even get a release. It doesn’t matter. If I hadn’t found the bootleg, I would have started creating the score myself from scrap notes. I am so familiar with the simple and jazzy cues and with the dreamy mood of the score that I recognize those sounds as if they were the familiar voice of a close friend. Oh I know where that comes from…Of course I know where “Fast forward” appears in the movie, I see how time passes between the time when our two heroes meet and the time the story takes place…I can see how Kate is dressed and how John is acting. I know where “Aiport explanation” fits and “Near miss” sounds as natural to me as a song I’ve heard hundreds of times. It’s like my favorite running cap. I put it on and it just fits, it’s taken the shape of my head by now. I remember John Cusack’s fictional “Obituary” from the movie and how the weather was when he was reciting it…it was a windy autumn day in New York.

Normally, I probably wouldn’t pay attention to any of these simple little tracks. But my sentimental connection with the movie turns them into gold and I realize how beautiful and cheery they are, how warm and close to my heart they really feel. A simple little film latched itself to me and brought with it a few short and happy little tracks…I won’t forget either of them.  Do you have some favorite show or TV jingles that you instantly recognize, remember and love? The “Serendipity” score is like that for me.

Cue rating: 77 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 12 / 24

Album excellence: 50%



Fast Forward

New Age Source

Airport Explanation

Rediscovered Flyer



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