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Soundtrack review: Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti – 2014)

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Soundtrack review: Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti – 2014)



When “Stalingrad” starts, with the sweeping theme featuring the haunting vocals of Anna Netrebko, I feel like I am inside the Bolshoi Teatr, watching the overture of a massive opera I couldn’t wait to see and hear. I look again at the name of the composer. I always loved Angelo Badalamenti’s music… I mean he gave us Twin Peaks, and there is a special place in history and in my heart for someone like that. I also liked his other David Lynch scores and the disturbing and depressing “Arlington Road”. But this… this is something else…
Italian composers have always been the best at creating sweeping, romantic, gorgeous compositions. Ennio Morricone is the best example. Until now, Badalamenti had found his vocation with a different style. But “Stalingrad” is the proof that epic orchestral compositions are in his blood…

This score is orchestral wonder at its best. This is how a war epic should sound: romantic, wide, melodic…
It is one of the most beautiful scores I have heard this year and there’s not a single note that’s out of place or unfitting. The themes for the main characters are mesmerizing, while the action tracks bring the full orchestra and blend perfectly with the rest. “Men on fire” or “The Panzer attack” are new Badalamenti at his best and I couldn’t have imagined him writing like this. I am thrilled when I discover a new side of a composer I really love.

“Stalingrad”, through Angelo Badalamenti’s craft, transports me inside the trenches, among heroes. This is how I imagine epic war movie music. There’s nothing missing. We have choirs, marches, sublime moments of triumph, heroic instrumentation and, above all, I can’t stress it enough, beautiful, sweeping orchestral music that transcends the genre and would appeal to lovers of classical music as well.

Please, give this score a listen. It’s one of the most beautiful compositions of the year, it will make your heart sing.

Cue rating: 98 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 53 / 53

Album excellence: 100%


Stalingrad Theme (Featuring Anna Netrebko)

Stalingrad Overture (Universal Theme)

Desperate Search For Masha

Kahn’s Theme

Katya’s Theme

Men On Fire

Execution And Attack

Sergei’s Triumph

Russian Ambush

The Rules Of Warfare

Lovers Steal Away

The Panzer Attack

Masha And Kahn

Tragic Killing

Childhood Memories (Katya’s Theme Reprise)

Goodbye Brothers: Stalingrad Finale


Stalingrad Theme For String Orchestra

Mihnea Manduteanu

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