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Soundtrack review: The mummy returns (Alan Silvestri – 2001)

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Soundtrack review: The mummy returns (Alan Silvestri – 2001)


Ok so The Mummy movies weren’t the smartest ever made, but at least they were very fun and entertaining. I am expecting the same from Alan Silvestri’s score for the second outing, “The mummy returns”. I am hopeful that the music will remind me of the action fun of the movie. All I knew was the theme song by Live “Forever may not be long enough” which I really loved.

The first cue “The legend of the Scorpion King” has everything I want this score to have, in a nutshell: pounding action, Arabic sounds and choirs in the background. The buzz from that cue keeps me going until we reach “Evy kidnapped”, which is just an amazing old school action cue, exciting, pulsating, it makes me jump out of my chair and cheer for whoever, this cue is quite a rush! And the score just continues to be as exciting as it should: the 8 minutes long “My first bus ride” makes me actually clap a few times because of how thrilling it is. The parts in between are interesting as well, and I find myself wanting more and more of this score.

“The mummy returns” is one of the most exciting action scores Alan Silvestri’s ever written. It’s over the top, rich, complex, and this is the kind of action score I like the best: a score that doesn’t hold back, a composer that has fun writing it and providing adventurous thrills for the listeners, and also a score that makes me smile remembering the movie it was made for. It’s 75 minutes of nonstop fun and excitement, and I don’t understand how come I haven’t listened to it so far. The last track, “The mummy returns” cue is 8 minutes long and if after more than an hour or music I can enjoy it even more, this says a lot about this score.

This is what “Composer of the month” is all about: discovering new scores. And this one is quite the gem! I would be very surprised if “The mummy returns” misses the top 10 of this month.

Cue rating: 80 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 52 / 73

Album excellence: 70%


The Legend of the Scorpion King

Evy Kidnapped

Rick’s Tattoo

Imhotep Reborn

My First Bus Ride

Evy Remembers


We’re in Trouble

Pygmy Attack

Come Back Evy

The Mummy Returns

Forever May Not Be Long Enough (Live)

Mihnea Manduteanu

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