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Soundtrack review: The quick and the dead (Alam Silvestri – 1995)

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Soundtrack review: The quick and the dead (Alam Silvestri – 1995)


I remember really enjoying “The quick and the dead” when I saw it. The movie was full of great actors, some at the peak of their game, like Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone, others at the beginning, like Russell Crowe or Leonardo di Caprio. The music didn’t stand out for me when I saw the movie, but a standalone listen might change that.

It didn’t. It actually made it worse, because if until now I didn’t remember how the score sounded, now I do and I don’t like it. I found the score to be uneven and generic. Even the bursts of emotion sounded generic to me. Even if the score is half an hour long, I had a hard time sitting through it. It’s not that it’s bad; my problem with it was that it was boring and poorly constructed. Each cue seemed to have the wrong surges of energy, while the emotional or western parts sounded weak. Most of the tracks felt like puzzles with their pieces fitted wrongly. Some cues try to get emotional but then the air gets out of them just when I was getting invested.

“Ellen returns” was the only cue where some of the pieces felt right, while “Gunfight montage” and “John Herod” were the two very short cues that actually made some sense to me.  Still, too little for a score I hope I will be able to ignore when I see the movie again… It’s a good thing that the “End credits” finally sounded like a proper western  theme and salvaged some of the last impression.

Cue rating: 59 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 0 / 31

Album excellence: 0%





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