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Soundtrack review: A world apart (Hans Zimmer – 1988)

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Soundtrack review: A world apart (Hans Zimmer – 1988)


“A world apart”, the score for an anti-apartheid movie from 1988, is Hans Zimmer’s first solo score. This is where it all started; this is Superman’s first flight.

In “Amadla”, after the speech ends, we get the first Zimmer cue. It’s not a very complicated synth melody, but this is where Hans’ music opened its eyes. It was just a spark, but it lit a flame that never went out. The suite from “A world apart”, worth 17 minutes, is beautiful. It is an eerie, melodic and lovely composition that doesn’t feel like it is part of someone’s first score. There’s depth and a lot of emotion in it and it feels like a presentation for Hans Zimmer’s late 80s / early 90s portfolio. There’s the variation that will become “Show me your fire truck” a few years later! There’s the melancholy that will haunt me in “Rain man”. I can’t get enough of this suite and I am very happy to have discovered it. Once I listen to it I feel the need to go through the scores it made me think of, and this is how I end up lost for an entire day in Hans’ music…

For Hans Zimmer fans, this score is a must listen. You will recognize many familiar emotions…

Cue rating: 85 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 25 / 26

Album excellence: 97%



A World Apart Suite

A World Apart – End Title

Mihnea Manduteanu

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