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Soundtrack review: An everlasting piece (Hans Zimmer – 1990)

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Soundtrack review: An everlasting piece (Hans Zimmer – 1990)


“An everlasting piece” is an American comedy about two Irish wig salesman from both sides of the Catholic / Protestant war in the 80s. I was very curious about this one because I haven’t heard Hans Zimmer write Irish based music very often. This review is part of Hans Zimmer month. He is helped here by local band The Jigs.

I am a big fan o Irish music and jigs and the first cue “Repo man”, puts me in a really good mood. I loved this track. As an Irish music lover though, I’ve heard a lot better than what follows in the next few tracks. The music is enjoyable of course but only at a comedic level. The score is missing the Irish fire and longing I am accustomed to. There’s still the occasional gem like “You’ve got to lose to win”, at the end of which I imagine the instruments caught fire. We also get melancholy (“I’m a dick”), dancing jigs (“It takes a woman”). Even if a score lacks excellence, it goes by a lot faster and more pleasant if the music is Celtic in inspiration.

All in all, “An everlasting peace” ends up as a very enjoyable one time listen. There’s nothing here I would like to revisit, but it is one of the more interesting and unique Zimmer scores.

Cue rating: 65 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 4 / 42

Album excellence: 9%


Repo Man

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