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Soundtrack review: Fools of fortune (Hans Zimmer – 1990)

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Soundtrack review: Fools of fortune (Hans Zimmer – 1990)


Like all of Hans Zimmer’s early scores, “Fools of fortune” (written for a movie about the Irish War of Independence period) only includes two very long suites: one 18 minutes long and the other one 24 minutes long.

The first one, “The island”, is a dramatic / romantic piano driven suite, melancholic and serious. I think it is Hans’ first composition to feature a full orchestra. There’s something about suites like this one that keeps me hooked for the entire duration. The music never gets boring or frustrating, it just flows and you flow away with it, interested in what turns it might take, curious in what comes next. It’s by no means a memorable suite, but it makes for a very enjoyable listen. I get nostalgic when I listen to this one. Hans nails the Irish period sound, with its stride, joys and sorrow.

The second suite, “Revenge”, suffers from the apparent curse of cues with this name; in a lot of scores where I expect it to move me the cue with this name usually is a letdown. Here too, except the middle part which is very dramatic and poignant, the track doesn’t have a lot of power.

“Fools of fortune” is a rewarding one time listen. I don’t know if it has enough to bring me back for a second listen though.

Cue rating: 60 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 0 / 42

Album excellence: 0%




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