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Soundtrack review: Frost / Nixon (Hans Zimmer – 2008)

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Soundtrack review: Frost / Nixon (Hans Zimmer – 2008)


Frost / Nixon is the movie about the famous interviews which took place three years after Nixon’s resignation. The Ron Howard movie is smart and engaging, and I was curious if a score for a conversational play rather than a movie could work. Since Hans Zimmer wrote it, I had faith.

The score gave me the same feelings that I got listening to the score for the TV show “House of cards”. The music is smart, slippery and it’s very easy to get lost in it. It creates a real and palpable question, it moves in the rhythm of the talks and it gently indicates to the listener the seriousness or tone of the topic in question. After hearing this score I pretty much have a decent idea about the atmosphere of the interviews, the changes of pace or the passing of time.

Hans Zimmer’s score is minimalistic and interesting, it doesn’t have sudden spikes of energy and it lets the listener think and focus on what’s going on on screen. I never get bored listening to it. It is not a score I would listen to often, but it’s definitely one I’m happy I heard. The music does for this movie what the lights and cameras do for the interviews: it subtly makes everything look just a little better.

Cue rating: 76 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 26 / 43

Album excellence: 60%



Pardon The Phlebitis


Frost Despondent

Insanely Risky


The Final Interview

Nixon Defeated

First Ideas

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