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Soundtrack review: Grand piano (Victor Reyes – 2013)

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Soundtrack review: Grand piano (Victor Reyes – 2013)


“Grand piano” is a Spanish thriller about a promising pianist who plans a comeback but is threatened by a sniper who will kill him if he plays a single note. Victor Reyes wrote the score and I was very curious about it.

The score starts as I expected, with a suspenseful opening theme.
But then… Victor Reyes rips the walls around us and as we look around we find ourselves in a large concert hall listening to a gorgeous piano concerto. This is a place you never want to leave if you enjoy classical music and, of course, piano. This is my favorite instrument (violin is a close second) and every time I hear it in a score I am happy. If a score is completely driven by the piano I am even happier, and if we get a half an hour piano concerto like this one, we get a score that I will name among my favorites of the year.

The three movements of the concerto are all masterpieces. I am excited, moved, curious, enchanted and inspired. The concert is beautiful and rewarding and I invite you all to attend it. Minutes don’t matter, the movie doesn’t matter, all that matters is the piano and how it rolls, argues, compliments and warms the heart. This score truly was grand and an amazing surprise for me. I will return to it quite often and I will remember the rush and the storm it created inside me. There’s no flying like the one on the wings of the piano…

Cue rating: 92 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 30 / 32

Album excellence: 92%


Grand Piano concerto – 1st movement 1

Grand Piano concerto – 2nd movement 1

Grand Piano concerto – 3rd movement 1

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