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Soundtrack review: Grantchester (John Lunn – 2014)


Soundtrack review: Grantchester (John Lunn – 2014)


John Lunn is the composer for the well-known British series “Downton Abbey”. He also wrote the score for another British TV drama “Grantchester”. I enjoyed Lunn’s score for “Electricity” which was an electronic gem. I am expecting a different kind of sound from this one.

This score is as serious and elegant as you would imagine a British drama. “Grantchester” has a lot of strict piano tunes, beautiful but cold and some action / suspense pieces which are not intrusive and probably let the viewer enjoy the on screen images better. I am all for including voiceovers every now and then even if I am not familiar with the movie or TV show. In “Grantchester” the tracks with the voice inserts (probably from a priest by the sound of his speech) are my favorites: “The shadow of death”, “Faith hope and love” and “Repentance”. Half this score is like a sermon spoken on a soft piano undertone. For me it works very well and I am waiting for the next spoken track to pop up.

Still with its serious mood and cloudy British atmosphere, “Grantchester” lacks truly beautiful moments. The sun tries to pierce through but rarely succeeds. I listen to this score and many words come to mind to describe it: elegant, interesting and suspenseful at times. Not once did I think of calling it beautiful. “Grantchester” has its merits and it is an interesting one time listen. It doesn’t leave much behind it though and I am not sure it is something I would listen to again. I will remember it though because of the sermons and the sweet piano that accompanied them.

Cue rating: 83 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 5 / 28

Album excellence: 19%


Faith, hope and love


The truth of it

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