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Soundtrack review: The game (Daniel Pemberton – 2014


Soundtrack review: The game (Daniel Pemberton – 2014



“The game” is BBC spy series that brings back the Cold War and revives the genre and reintroduces sleeper agents, traitors and the KGB. Daniel Pemberton wrote the score, and he’s the recipient of the “Discovery of the year” award at the World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent.

“The game” doesn’t only bring back the old school spy thrillers visually. The music is also homage to the 70s spy movie scores and it’s a joy to listen to. I loved those movies, that jazzy and foggy mood, that friendly darkness. When the score is quiet, it’s quiet as the thrillers of those times. When the score is moving, it nails that 70s spy movie vibe with moody jazz cues. When the score gets fast, we get cues like the awesome “Canal Randezvous Part 2 – Pursuit” and “The chase”, which completely break the usual rhythm of the score like a shot in the night.

The more I listen to this score the more it reminds me of the music from The Pink Panther. It has the same mood, the same jazz, the same appeal. Other than that I can’t put my finger on what attracts me to this score so much. That suspenseful mood just keeps me invested in the score, I want to listen to more, I want to hide in the corners and do some surveillance. Even the weaker cues are enjoyable. I guess I’m having the same reaction I had when I listened to “House of cards season 2”. There’s something about smart scores like these that keep me coming back for more…I will keep “The game” close for some special moods…

Cue rating: 73 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 22 / 54

Album excellence: 41%


Julia’s Theme

Breaking The Boxes

Trailing The Suspect

The Fray

Canal Rendezvous Part 2 – Pursuit

The Chase



End Credits

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