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Soundtrack review: We are the freaks (Vincent Watts – 2014)

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Soundtrack review: We are the freaks (Vincent Watts – 2014)


Whohoo, what is this? The first minutes of this score send me spinning back to my favorite sound, the golden 80s synth magic. It is part “Neverending story” part every other gorgeous theme from that period. “Jack’s theme” continues to squeeze my heart and take me back in time to my favorite period. A quick one- two that makes this score a winner already. I will definitely listen to these two tracks again, whenever I need a shot of nostalgia.

The movie is called “We are the freaks” and it is set in the 1990, so there’s another reason to maybe try and see it. The composer is Vincent Watts.

The score continues with a cue reminiscent of arcade game tunes. The wake up from the vibe of the first three cues is abrupt, but it’s ok because we get an ambient cue and guess what, I love those as well. Then we are back to classic synth and I can never get tired of it. Who needs time machines when we have scores like this one?

So yes, “We are the freaks” is a mesmerizing score for me. This is one to have in my pocket at all times, because it’s a portal to a deep comfort zone. Fans of synth and electronic music will love this little gem.

Cue rating: 80 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 18 / 29

Album excellence: 64%


Manager’s Office

Jack’s Theme

Killer Colin

I’m Sorry



Did I Learn Anything?

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