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Soundtrack review: Sudden death (John Debney – 1995)

Composer of the month The expendables month

Soundtrack review: Sudden death (John Debney – 1995)



A second collaboration between Jean Claude van Damme and director Peter Hyams makes its way in “The expendables month”. “Sudden death” came out in 1995, a year after “TimeCop” and it’s JCvD’s “Die hard”. He stars as a fire fighter who finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot in the arena of the Pittsburgh Penguins. This movie has an extra sentimental value for me since I’m a huge hockey fan and when this movie came out the Penguins were the nemesis of my favorite team.

John Debney had been a hit and miss composer for me but, nonetheless, I always keep an ear open for his works. Now this score was written in 1995 and John surely put all his efforts and craft in the magnificent swashbuckling score for “Cutthroat Island”. All that was left for “Sudden death” was entertaining but rather generic action music. There’s not much to take from this score other than the alert chase motifs and the surprisingly tender and alive “Seeing Tyler”, the one minute that I really loved from this score.

“Rooftop battle” is the kind of cue I wanted to hear in this score: it has that sense of urgency and the sharp bursts I remembered from the movie and also a few heroic motifs. Even with its faults, “Sudden death” ends up as a better listen than “Timecop”.

Cue rating: 76 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 1 / 31

Album excellence: 3%


Seeing Tyler

Mihnea Manduteanu

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