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Soundtrack review: The Bourne Supremacy (John Powell – 2004)

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Soundtrack review: The Bourne Supremacy (John Powell – 2004)



“The Bourne supremacy” is the second movie in the franchise. I am reviewing the score as part of John Powell month. The score for the first film hadn’t impressed me much.

The second one continues right where “The Bourne identity” had left off. The first few cues are a sequel to that drum and base sound that works well in the movie but doesn’t make for a very interesting standalone listen. I sit through it because I remember the movie and I’m sure I’m going to find some exciting action music somewhere down the line. “To the roof” is my first reward. It wakes the score up and shakes the numbness. Now we’re talking! Give me more of that. “Berlin foot chase” makes an attempt, but it’s only slightly above average.

The rest of the score remains in that comfortable background territory. John Powell can compose some of the most impressive and epic themes, but it’s not the case in ”The Bourne Supremacy”. “Bim bam smash” is the only other attempt at something more exciting and, once again, hearing a track like this makes me wonder why there weren’t more like it. I do appreciate that “Supremacy” is better than “Identity”.

Like most people, my musical memory of this movie will be signed by Moby. His “Extreme ways” playing over the final scene represents the highlight of the movie and each time I hear that song, I remember “The Bourne Supremacy”. And when a theme which was not part of the score is the most memorable from a movie, it means that the score was rather forgettable.

Cue rating: 72 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 16 / 49

Album excellence: 33%


To the roof

Bim bam smash



Mihnea Manduteanu

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