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Soundtrack review: Game of thrones (season 3) (Ramin Djawadi – 2013)


Soundtrack review: Game of thrones (season 3) (Ramin Djawadi – 2013)



Season 3 of “Game of thrones” started telling the story from the best book of the series so far. By this time we knew the characters…we had our favorites and our most hated ones and we knew what to expect from the story. The baptism of fire had been made in the first two books and seasons and it was now time for the ones who stuck with the story to get their reward.

The music of season 3 grew in thematic content and quality just like the dragons from the book. Ramin Djawadi wrote his own story and by the third volume he had found a magic rhythm. He expanded the universe of the “Game of thrones” music past the melodic and moody and into scary and goose bumps territory. Just listen to “Dark wings, dark words”. It is a theme ominous and elegiac in the same time, with a soft choir that gets through to your bones.

The thematic content of this season is amazing. Just like I can’t wait for the story to develop, Ramin Djawadi has made me anticipate the next chapter in the music saga with the same impatience. I couldn’t wait to hear how the scene everybody talks about, the Red Wedding, would sound. “The Lannister’s send their regards” is delivers with all the power and pain that the story needed.

And yet my favorite cue from this score (and one of my favorite themes from 2013 all together) was Mysha. This one is still my favorite composition from the “Game of thrones” universe outside of the main theme. I am a sucker for magnificent choral theme and this one just flies. It starts softly before soaring up to the skies and becoming one of those cues that makes me fly when I am running. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that Ramin Djawadi has ever written and it gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it.

Season 3 continued the trend of “Game of thrones” scores getting better and better. The musical world of this show now has a life of its own and I can’t wait for the next chapters.

Cue rating: 82 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 23 / 49

Album excellence: 46%


Main Title (Game of Thrones) [Season 3]

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts


Dark Wings, Dark Words

I Have To Go North

The Lannisters Send Their Regards


For the Realm

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