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Soundtrack review: Home (Lorne Balfe – 2015)

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Soundtrack review: Home (Lorne Balfe – 2015)


Lorne Balfe’s “Home” was going to be a very special score to me even before I had heard a note of it. The first interview I ever took was with Lorne Balfe and it so happens that I interrupted him right as he was recording the last cue from this score. More specifically, he told me he was at the 1:05 point of that cue and I should mark the moment for when I will listen to the score. A few months have passed and the score is finally in my inbox and I am ready to give it a listen. I really need some cheering up as “Home” happened to be released on the day my grandmother died. No pressure, Lorne… But this might be exactly the kind of score I need to listen to right now.

Until that final cue, we start with the simple and jolly “Symphony in OH” which has some kind of synth or xylophone sound to it which is very childish and fun. This is no “Penguins of Madagascar”, not even close but it could work both for an animation movie and for some sort of Mario like arcade game. I have to remind myself that this is a score for a children’s movie so the tone should be accordingly. I need this kind of music to cheer me up now. The first three cues are still warming up and the score might lose me if it goes on like this.

I start to smile when “Saying the sorry” begins. It has the flute which always makes me feel batter and there’s something about the tone in the beginning of this cue that covers my heart in a warm cocoon. It turns spy like later and I think Lorne must have had a lot of fun writing it. “Two fugitives” comes next and its very catchy. “Home” is starting to infect me with its joy and I am ready to come out and play. “Come into the out” really gets me off my chair and I hope this score won’t lose the wonderful steam it has now. All about the fun train, it would be a shame to be left behind. Was I saying something after the first three tracks? Please ignore.

“Home” is like a small dog you ignore at first but who persists in playing between your legs until it makes you smile and gets you to play with it. You give in to its infectious joy and both you and the dog are happier because of it. I actually feel the score livening up the more I enjoy it. “Sad-mad” is a nice little dance and I am on my own island of peace and fun which protects me from the outside world.

“Home” did its job for sure. The main theme from “Penguins of Madagascar” might still be ringing in my ears but the smile on my face comes from “Home”. I needed it and Lorne Balfe was just in time to ease some difficult moments. See, just as it was before today, “Home” isn’t only about the music. For me it now means more than that. Isn’t this the beauty of someone’s creation reaching someone else and making a difference?

Cue rating: 88 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 23 / 41

Album excellence: 56%


Saying The Sorry

Two Fugitives

Come Into The Out Now


Running Towards Danger

Returning The Shusher

Frolicking In Paris




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