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Soundtrack review: Legends of Chima (Anthony Lledo – 2013)


Soundtrack review: Legends of Chima (Anthony Lledo – 2013)


“Legends of Chima” is a television series based on a famous series of LEGO sets. The Land of Chima is filled with tribes consisting of various anthropomorphic animals. I haven’t watched the show but I’ve heard great things about its music. The score is written by Anthony LLedo who has made a career from writing additional music and arrangements for Harry Gregson Williams scores.

Somehow the score beings just as I imagined it. I had unconsciously programmed a certain sound in my head for this score; a blend of other heroic or legendary game scores and “Laval the lion” opens just like that. It’s a nice introduction and the perfect way to make me connect with this score right from the start. The music is softly epic, melodic, dreamy and magical in the same time. I also hear traces of my favorite score of this genre, James Newton Howard’s “The last airbender”. Yes, I am into “Legends of Chima” from the first minute. I am happy to hear music like this. It’s one of the most comfortable and rewarding sounds for me. I just close my eyes and enjoy the images my mind creates on the wings of the magical sounds Anthony Lledo wrote.

The flute and the buildup on “Chi” are just perfect. Both epic and sensitive this cue just makes my heart tremble. The more playful pieces have a sweet little Celtic vibe to it which also suits me very well. I like the joy in this score. I like the fairy tale sound and I like the little surprises the composer sprinkles throughout his score. Everything in “Legends of Chima” is very well fleshed: the action moments are exciting; the emotional moments are deep and the playful moments are plain happy. This score is only half an hour long but it doesn’t need more to make its point. I am sure it will find in you that place it already found in me and you will connect with most of its moments.

I am just enchanted by the tender and beautiful “When we were kids”. This cue has all the innocence of your favorite childhood memory and the stinging melancholy to go with it. “The warrior within” ranks with the best fantasy action cues out there. “Forever rock” is mysterious like a horseback ride in the desert wind. I find myself regretting that this score isn’t longer. I could have listened to two hours of it. This composition deserves the minutes gems like “The Elder Scrolls online” or “Ori and the blind forest” got. I can only be grateful that a second volume (unfortunately, just as short) is coming out soon… I would have loved to have seen these themes developed and played with even more.

But then again this score being only half an hour long means more people can enjoy it. It doesn’t take much effort and the reward will be wonderful. Anyone who enjoys fairy tale fantasy music will have a great time listening to “Legends of Chima”.

Cue rating: 91 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 22 / 32

Album excellence: 68%


Laval the Lion


Speedor Races

When We Were Kids

The Warrior Within

Forever Rock

Drums of Chima

The Big Battle

The Great Story


Mihnea Manduteanu

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