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Soundtrack review: Legends of Chima volume 2 (Anthony Lledo – 2015)


Soundtrack review: Legends of Chima volume 2 (Anthony Lledo – 2015)


“Legends of Chima” is a TV series based on the some famous LEGO editions. I haven’t seen the show but the first volume of the score by Anthony LLedo blew me away. I was very happy to hear that there was going to be a second volume of this dreamy epic goodness.

So welcome back my heroes! Welcome back, beating heart of sweepingly beautiful music. I am ready to close my eyes and dream on the wings of the charming notes you bring. Hello again magical flute that silences everything else and brings butterflies inside me. I know this adventure won’t be this relaxing all the time but I am ready for whatever comes. I can’t shake the feeling that this score is a beating, pulsating heart with all its inflexions and imperfections, with its sudden spikes of energy and the moments when it beats agonizingly slow.

“Legends of Chima” volume two is like a mysterious walk through a forest filled with surprises. Sometimes it’s quiet and even ominous, other times it is so beautiful that you see a unicorn feeding in a clearing. Or a Phoenix, to be more precise. Other times the scenery changes completely and it’s not a forest anymore but vast plains in which I am riding. If I were to judge only by the music, the Lands of Chima sound wonderful and exciting.

How beautiful is “The tale of Tormak”? I have no idea who these characters are and no emotional connection with the TV show but I am just in awe of many moments of this score that can do no wrong. Sometimes it’s a love song, other times it’s a lullaby or a sweet triumph melody. Life in a nutshell… This review doesn’t need more words because the music speaks for itself. You can’t go wrong with this one. “Legends of Chima” is one of those gems you ill treasure and recommend to others, one of those scores which you’ll always remember fondly and be surprised that it’s not much more popular.

Cue rating: 94 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 21 / 32

Album excellence: 67%


Return Of The Heroes

The Phoenix

Hills Of Chima


Frozen Land

The Tale Of Tormak


Mihnea Manduteanu

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