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Soundtrack review: The sleepless (Terri Plumieri – 2007)

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Soundtrack review: The sleepless (Terri Plumieri – 2007)


Keepmoving Records’ release of Terri Plumieri’s “Zero option” also included another lesser known score of his: “The sleepless”. This is the story of a high ranking gangster whose nephew is also poised for a bright future in crime but the disharmony in the family structure leads to tragedy. This score is short, only 19 minutes long but I’m sure I’ll find some gems inside.

The score opens with the surprisingly tender “The vision of death”. I suspect these are the end credits, or that at least it plays right before the end. The cue has that poignancy and feeling of inevitability I would associate with the end of a sad story. “The drift of a late night dream” (how great is this title?) is quite dreamy with its far away trumpet and echoes of a piano. I can see the smoke rising in a lonely bar lounge where the character of a neo noir film drinks his troubles away. We also get “The drift of an afternoon dream” which is equally melancholic.

The main theme “The sleepless” is also surprisingly tender and melodic. I can sense the sadness of the story and I don’t think I want to see the movie. I hear nothing good for the characters in this theme and I imagine there’s a lot of heartbreak. The jazzy muted trumpet returns in “A thought for tomorrow”, another jazz lounge cue that spells mystery. “The sleepless” alternated between that smooth sound and the emotional orchestral background of pieces like “Sweet memories” and “Reaching for tomorrow’s love”. Terri Plumieri has a way of making each cue sound interesting and his scores seem to be very hard to split into pieces. I don’t think I could just hear one cue, even if I had a favorite, from “The sleepless” if I were to return to it; I would drape myself in the soft velvety sound and I would listen to it all.

I have to highlight yet another brilliant title “The desire of a woman gone mad”. The composer really put thought and attention into naming his cues and I have a soft spot for interesting titles. Sometimes the record companies tend to exaggerate in their press releases for scores but I think calling “The sleepless” a gem is quite accurate.

Cue rating: 85 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 6 / 19

Album excellence: 29%


The Drift Of A Late Night Dream

The Drift Of An Afternoon Dream

Reaching For Tomorrow’s Love


Mihnea Manduteanu

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