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Soundtrack review: Person of insteres (season 1) (Ramin Djawadi – 2012)


Soundtrack review: Person of insteres (season 1) (Ramin Djawadi – 2012)


“Person of interest” is probably the smartest and most entertaining TV show right now. I am constantly amazed by the plots, character development and blend between silly fun and unbelievable tension. James Caviezel, Michael Emerson and the other are amazing in their roles don’t forget Bear the dog…

Ramin Djawadi is writing the score for this show and keeping Bear McCreary from controlling the entire TV world. I noticed the music in the series, it’s an integral part of it and it works. I knew what to expect from this score. There’s an unmistakable identity for the music of “Person on interest” and I welcome it in my ears with the same joy I welcome the TV show.

“Knock knock” is percussion and electronic heaven. This show is all about technology and action and the music plays accordingly. This is a buildup track and gets me all excited. It’s one that stands out from the rest. Now you have surely heard the sound of “Person of interest” before. Ramin Djawadi uses the RCP goodies and that electronic and percussion heavy sound that you know from Harry Gregson Williams and other Hans Zimmer apprentices. The fact is that this sound works. It’s right what the show needs.

And if the action tracks don’t convince you, the music of the first season really shines in its emotional moments. It’s here that we get introduced to the themes for each of our favorite characters and every cue has the depth and features of the person it was written for. A common thread links all this themes and it’s the “Person of interest” sound, but that’s just the base. “Elias” is mysterious and sophisticated as our favorite ally from the bad guys. “Root of all evil” has the cold and calculated feel of our favorite hacker. “Detective Carter” is hiding her feelings so they wouldn’t cloud her judgment and influence justice. I hear all this in Ramin Djawadi’s music.

We have all these characters but for me the music of the first season draws more heavily from Harold, the creator of the machine and the one who puts this team together. He’s a troubled man who tries to balance his guilt about having built the machine with the need to save all the people the machine is pointing out. I hear Michael Emerson’s determined but slightly trembled voice in “Second chance”; I hear the weight on his shoulders in “Save everybody”, “Apologies” or “Concerned 3rd party” and there’s no cue more poignant than “Irrelevant list”.

For fans of the show the music of season 1 will remind them of everything they love about “Person of interest”. For fans of the RCP sound this will be another very enjoyable score. Ramin Djawadi nailed what the story is about and all the nuances of the script.

Cue rating: 89 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 46

Album excellence: 52%


Person Of Interest


Second Chance

Knock Knock

Mr.. Reese

Detective Carter

Save Everybody


Concerned 3rd Party

Irrelevant List

A Bored Rich Guy

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