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Soundtrack review: Person of interest (season 2) (Ramin Djawadi – 2013)


Soundtrack review: Person of interest (season 2) (Ramin Djawadi – 2013)


Season 2 of „Person of interest” started the shift from case of the week to serialized and heavy mythological drama. The show became even better while the character development got even deeper. We got introduced one of the best characters (Shaw) and the machine became even more interesting. I remember as if they were yesterday the emotions of the final episode of the season.

Ramin Djawadi returned to score this second season and as the themes of the show got more serious and the dangers got graver so the music became more developed and more layered. We also get themes for Lionel, who didn’t get his own in the first season and the newcomer Shaw. Lionel’s theme is thoughtful and almost elegiac. Ramin Djawadi chose to play on the depth of the character rather than the shallow exterior that we see on screen most of the time.

The music of season two is darker and more ominous. There are fewer electronic action pulses and more tracks like “Until we meet again” and “Crash of death”. The “Person of interest” theme that punctuates the climax of most of the more intense scenes comes at the end of many tracks to give this score a clear identity. It needs that because the album has a variety of styles much wider than the first season. Tracks like “Mi familia”, “Not again, Leon” and “High roller”

Shaw’s theme is constructed to match the character: it starts tough and playful; then it turns into a heartbeat as we get to know this character and her backstory before going into full action mode. “Prisoner’s dilemma” was the best episode of the second season and one of the best from the entire show and Ramin Djawadi delivered all the emotion from it in its theme.

I also want to highlight “Sorry I tried to kill you” because it reminded me of Michael Giacchino’s piercing themes from “Lost” and “I always told you to be careful” because it might be one of the most emotional themes Djawadi has ever written. It can go toe to toe with everything from “Game of thrones”.

And then there’s “God mode”. I’ve been waiting for this track as soon as the episode finished airing. It clocks at 07:40 and it brings back all the excitement and intensity of that final episode. Oh those moments when the machine takes over and passes instructions to both Harold and Root…how the music just takes over as well and gives me a feeling of safety and invincibility…

I enjoyed the music of season one more but the second album does more than enough to make me regret the rumors I heard about CBS no releasing scores for seasons 3 and 4. The show got even better and ever more emotional and it would really be a shame to deprive TV music fans of the gems that really stuck with us from those episodes.

Cue rating: 80 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 20 / 59

Album excellence: 35%



Prisoner’s Dilemma

Sorry I Tried To Kill You

I Always Told Cal To Be Careful

Luck Of That Irish

Day 3191

God Mode

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