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Soundtrack review: Sweet home (Gines Carrion – 2015)

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Soundtrack review: Sweet home (Gines Carrion – 2015)


“Sweet home” is a Spanish home invasion thriller produced by the company behind the hugely successful [REC] franchise. There have been a lot of horror / thriller Spanish scores released by Movie Score Media lately and most of them have been quite exciting. This one was written by Gines Carrion. I am not familiar with him but his CV includes a lot of projects with Roque Banos and that’s enough of a guarantee for me.

The composer welcomes me to this score with an alert electronic prologue. I hear the synth and when it calls I come no matter where I might be. “Prologue and Main titles” might sound like it would fit better on a computer game score but I don’t care. I love this sound. I am encouraged by this start and by “Feliz cumpleanos” because the music doesn’t sink into the comfortable generic waters some similar compositions employ. I hear enough emotion and interesting sounds to keep me curious. This second cue is an intimate and mysterious piano theme which tells me there’s a lot hiding beneath.

“By force” is almost 10 minutes long and gives Gines Carrion time to develop his ideas. He doesn’t use it to experiment and give the listener a few different threads to pull on. He goes all in with a passionate action horror theme that chases me at a relentless pace. This is one exciting cue and I am quite surprised. The music attacks with the speed and elegance of a cheetah and I can feel its sharp claws on my back. This cue alone is worth the price of this album.

The composer capitalizes on that momentum and continues to excite my senses with his powerful and screeching music. I must admit that my expectations were average for this score but the more I listen to it, the more it rises in the ranks of Spanish horror scores. It might even challenge Arnau Battaler’s compositions which are my favorite so far. I had gotten so deep in the action horror sound that I forgot about the electronic pulses from the beginning. They return as a welcome break in the choking action sometimes and they hit the spot. I imagine the story moves at a frantic and intense pace so the music doesn’t want to impose and weigh too heavily. Gines Carrion’s score is just another character in the story, running, hiding, jumping and feeling.

“Sweet home” didn’t have a boring moment. I found something interesting or exciting in every cue and the music alternated being explosive with playing hide and seek. Sometimes it chased me, other times I enjoyed chasing it through all the corners it hid into. The score changes shape and it could work for a horror film, for a disaster movie or even for something with a big reveal at the end. “Face to face with death” had my heart all the way up in my throat with anticipation and excitement.

Do not miss this release because you will discover a very interesting composer. I will surely keep my ears opened for Gines Carrion because “Sweet home” was quite the revelation. At times it even reminded me of Charlie Clouser’s “Saw” scores which are some of my favorites of the genre. Do not expect a quiet horror score, because this one is loud and chopping away like a Japanese chef at a sushi bar.

Cue rating: 90 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 54

Album excellence: 45%


Prologue / Main Titles

By Force

Spider, Inc.

Face to Face With Death






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