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Soundtrack review: The librarians (Joseph LoDuca – 2015)


Soundtrack review: The librarians (Joseph LoDuca – 2015)


“The librarians” is a fantasy / adventure TV show that returns to the universe of the “Librarians” TV movies. I remember watching a couple of them because they were starring Dr Carter from E.R. and I was curious to see how he acted in another universe. The TV series has the same premise of a secret organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library which protects the world from evil and magic. If it’s evil, magic and supernatural, Joseph LoDuca is there to write the score. His TV credits are long and solid and this could mean yet another fun score from him.

And there it is! I love when the score gets me so excited from the beginning. This is a fantasy story and we don’t need fancy introductions or moody preludes. What we need is choirs and alert motifs and an orchestral crescendo music that makes us want to jump in and join the adventure. That’s exactly what we get in the opening cue “The promise of action”. I don’t even think this cue title has anything to do with the story; I think it’s just Joseph LoDuca’s not so secret message to the listeners. Together with “Judson pep talk / New plan / Hallway” it’s the cue that best represents this score.

“Cassandra’s theme” is just magical. There’s flute, there’s soft female voices singing in the background and is as dreamy as this score gets. I don’t know who this character is but the composer gave her a wonderful theme. This is just one of those pieces that make you close your eyes and dream about a fairy tale land. I swear I saw a pixie flying by my head before the cue was over. Her theme recurs a couple more times throughout the score and I get the same feeling of peace when I hear it.

So we got adventure, we got magic; next is cool, smooth and jazzy with “Ezekiel” which adds to the variety of thematic content for this score. Each cue seems to hide a surprise and the music keeps me hooked. This is the purpose of a fantasy adventure series and the music mirrors that. There’s also suspense and even a little romance (that’s what I hear “Deep in the heart of Jenkins”), all the ingredients of a light and fun score.

My favorite piece from this score is “Inspiration”. Yes it’s a bit quiet but it speaks to me differently than the rest of “The librarians” and I just love it. It’s the kind of cue to listen to when you need to have a breakthrough or when you want to focus on something. It has chimes; it has an angelic choir and a sweet piano theme. It’s fairy tale music you just won’t be able to remain insensitive to.

You will be able to take your pick of moments when you listen to “The librarians” (which, by the way, I think is a cool name for a secret society fighting against the supernatural. Reminds me of Buffy in a way). You could have you pick but I suggest you just listen to the entire score because it is much more fun as a whole. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Cue rating: 89 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 32 / 61

Album excellence: 52%


The Promise Of Action

Jenkins’ Theme

Cassandra’s Theme


Stone’s Theme

Deep In The Heart Of Jenkins

Introducing Cassandra

Serpent Brotherhood

Library Collapses


Judson Pep Talk / New Plan / Hallway



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