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Soundtrack review: Jordskott (Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman & Iggy Strange-Dahl – 2015)


Soundtrack review: Jordskott (Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman & Iggy Strange-Dahl – 2015)


Jordskott is a 2015 Swedish television series. The series stars Moa Gammel, Goran Ragnerstam and Richard Forsgren and it’s about a detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter’s disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case. The score is composed by Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman & Iggy Strange-Dahl. I must admit I haven’t heard of this show but I know people from the North have a special dark and appealing way of doing TV and the music for it. “The killing” comes to mind.

The intro makes me think of the stringy sound of Trevor Morris’s “Vikings” with the combination fo violin and electronic. The strings get serious and heart breaking right away in “Silvehojd theme”. I don’t need more to see a snowy mist form around me and to feel the need to put an extra layer of clothing. That cello takes my hand and guides me inside of a broken soul which can never find peace… there’s an eternal shadow in this theme and by the time the piano comes to soothe the pain I know it will only be temporary. Great start to the score; it makes me want to give the TV show a try.

I am very into minimalistic and atmospheric music. I don’t need a lot of noise or busy instrumentations to make me happy. So when I hear “The forest” with its quiet, barely touched strings that mimic the sounds of a forest like insects or leaves rustling, I am a very satisfied listener. Then the angelic choir comes in and I am completely lost in the dark. Somehow nothing in the music evokes light to me. In my mind whatever happens here happens during the night. The music is layered and complex and I am sure further listening will expose even more nuances.

“Searching the caravan” changes the scenery and I sense water around. It’s very interesting how the composers manage to fuse their sound in such a way that I feel nature around me. So far this score paints a landscape without humans in it. It doesn’t mean it’s devout of feelings, just that the feelings are brought on by the connection with nature. “Flashback” slowly melts away the snow and brings the morning. I see someone coming towards me. She’s not saying much but I can sense she has a lot on her soul. As soon as the closes in on me the sky somehow gets very dark when the cello comes in and I am ready for a storm.

My favorite piece is “Ylva’s theme”; this is where the emotions really take over and evolves from sound of a magnificent flute towards an explosion of feelings before going back to the heartbreak of the cello. This is the heart of the score and I can say no that nothing is missing.

The entire score plays like a feverish winter fantasy. It’s dark, it’s quiet and its minimalistic and I loved it. There is a depth to the music I really appreciated. This is the kind of score that will stick to the memory. It makes me want to watch the show and be on the lookout for these composers as well as future releases from the series. Do not miss this score if you love a poignant and reflective dialogue between deep string motifs and electronic pulses all laid on a blanket of snow…

Cue rating: 91 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 31 / 49

Album excellence: 63%


Silverhöjd Theme

The Forest



The Lullaby

Mother Tree

Storms Theme

Ylvas Theme

Wass Theme

Eva Gets Shot

The End

Mihnea Manduteanu

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