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Soundtrack review: L’uomo che sognava con le acquile (Guy Farley – 2006)

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Soundtrack review: L’uomo che sognava con le acquile (Guy Farley – 2006)


Caldera’s release of “Maria di Nazaret” also includes another score by Guy Farley,” L’uomo che sognava con l’aquile” written for an extensive Italian television production with Terence Hill which gathered raving reviews after its premiere in 2006. I’ve been watching Terence Hill for decades, from his times alongside Bud Spencer right up until his current heartfelt Don Mateo series. It’s hard to follow up a magnificent score like “Maria di Nazaret” with something matching but I have faith in the guys from this wonderful record label that they found a worthy continuation for the CD. I also have faith in this composer.

The titles set my mind at ease. The opening cue is rich and inviting and the kind of TV theme that you wouldn’t hum but whenever you heard it again a resort in you would make you smile and relax. If I hear a cue like this one I know something very pleasant will follow. The more I listen to Guy Farley’s music (and I include here “Maria”) the more addicted I become to his quiet and honest way of writing music. His compositions have the temperature of the human body; I hear the music and I feel safe and comfortable. I don’t need anything else. The music is not epic or stirring, it doesn’t agitate or inspire me; this aren’t the qualities that make Guy Farley’s creations so appealing; it’s their almost human warmth and honesty. This score is like a friend you like to spend time with knowing that you wouldn’t have to try very hard to connect with him and that whatever you do in your time together will be rewarding and heartfelt. Can you remain unimpressed when you hear a cue like “Animals away”?

I feel as if I am in the sea water just relaxing, no trying to swim or make any effort. I am just drifting in water I almost don’t even feel because it is as warm as I am. I just feel that soft and silky sensation on my skin, almost like the caress of the loved one. Few composers these days can be as sensitive as Guy Farley is. Few composers can write such gentle, beautiful, simple by exquisite music these days. This Caldera release has opened my eyes to a guy who will become one of my favorite composers for sure. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: he has all it takes to become the worthy successor of John Barry as the most romantic and melodic composer out there. I’ll be waiting impatiently for his future works.

Cue rating: 95 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 9 / 19

Album excellence: 48%


  1. Titles
  2. To The Mountains
  3. At Home
  4. Roberto’s Theme
  5. Return
  6. To The Mayor
  7. Animals Away
  8. Celebrations
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