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Soundtrack review: Anne Frank’s Holocaust (Mark Leggett – 2015)

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Soundtrack review: Anne Frank’s Holocaust (Mark Leggett – 2015)


“Anne Frank’s holocaust” details Anne and her family’s experience from being captured by the Nazis right up to their liberation. The documentary aired on National Geographic Channel earlier this year. The score was written by Mark Leggett and I imagine a heavy subject like this wasn’t easy to put in notes.

Mournful piano and elegiac strings would have been my choices as well to score such a story. There are certain sounds I get immediately drawn to. This combination is one of them. A theme such as “The simplest things” will always find a place inside me. It will be a familiar place, a warm place and a place where it will find many similar friends. This is the kind of opening that makes me wish the composer could find a way to keep the magic going and not lose this small intimate world he has already created.

There is a moment in “Tragic reunion” when that feeling almost slips away but the cello returns to patch up that small hole in “What was left behind”. Everything is alright again in this sad and meaningful musical world. I like the title of the tracks… yes they don’t evoke anything good but there’s something about cue names like “What was left behind”, “What was lost”, “Almost innocence” or “Loss of self” that makes me go back to my college years when I was listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails.

To me the music of “Anne Frank’s holocaust” sounds very intimate and contained. The minimalistic trend of this age is present here as well and I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t have that drama and urgency of a current tragedy, of something that is affecting someone in the present; rather it has that unmistakable feeling of a wound which never healed right being touched over and over again. It’s a sudden rain which reminds you precisely of a similar one in a very bad period. You hesitate under it for a few seconds as you mind is torn between ordering your body to run for cover or staying and revisiting that other time, painful as it might be, in search of some sort of closure…

“Anne Frank’s holocaust” is a beautiful and quiet score which I know will mean different things to different persons. What I know for sure though is that it will make you feel something. Approach with caution if you’ve lost something…

Cue rating: 94 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 12 / 16

Album excellence: 77%


01_the Simplest Things

03_what Was Left Behind

04_what Was Lost



09_loss Of Self

10_the Simplest Things Reprise

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