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Soundtrack review: Lezioni di volo (Battista Lena – 2007)

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Soundtrack review: Lezioni di volo (Battista Lena – 2007)


“Lezioni di volo” (“Flying lessons”) is a 2007 Italian movie which tells the romantic and mysterious story of a trip to India and the marvels it reveals. The movie stars Giovanna Mezzogiorno who is the daughter of an actor I get very nostalgic about, Vittorio Mezzogiorno who took over the main role in the unforgettable TV show “La Piovra” after Corado Cattani died. The score was written by Battista Lena and is part of a release together with the wonderful “Questioni di cuore”.

The thing about Italian composers is that they usually stay away from anything that’s artificial in film music. Ok, maybe this is a strong word, but they stay away from sound effects and electronic or synthetic sounds. They prefer the warm sensation of the raw instrument to the touch of a button. It’s part of what makes their music feel so romantic, so intimate. There are no rough edges and no sharp inserts. The music is smooth like butter and I just love listening to it even if it only works in the moment and I won’t necessarily return to a particular score.

There aren’t many instruments in “Lezioni di volo”, but they are the right ones. The piano brings the addictive melancholy while the cello just turns the lights off. Their dialogie in “Citta azzura” is as rewarding as a vacation night you know you will never forget. It’s happening right now and there are two feelings fighting inside you: the pleasure of the moment and the instant regret that it won’t last forever.

“Lezioni di volo” is a moody and melancholic exercise in jazzy lounge music. That lounge is empty and isolated but I don’t mind being alone there with this music. I don’t even see who plays it; it’s part of that magical room and it plays forever. I know nothing will change in that room and I can return whenever I want to just forget the world and get dizzy from the thin smoke that slowly fills it. It’s a place of eternal sadness and remembering in which you won’t stay too long even if the appeal of that darkness is quite magnetic.

Cue rating: 83 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 5 / 26

Album excellence: 18%



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