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Soundtrack review: The beauty inside (Dustin O’Halloran – 2013)

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Soundtrack review: The beauty inside (Dustin O’Halloran – 2013)


“The Beauty Inside” is a 2012 social film developed by Intel and Toshiba. It’s Intel and Toshiba’s second social film since releasing Inside. Directed by Drake Doremus and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace, the film is broken up into six filmed episodes interspersed with interactive storytelling that all takes place on the main character’s Facebook timeline. It’s Hollywood’s first social film that gives everyone in the audience a chance to play the lead role throughout the story. My friend Jorn Tillnes, the Soundtrack Geek recommended me Dustin O’Halloran’s score and I am excited to hear it.

With some scores there is love at first hear. I don’t need more than a few seconds to know that “The beauty inside” I a composition written along the paths of my soul. The minimalistic and slightly electronic start, almost chip tune like, and the permanent shadow of sweet melancholy the opening cue “New day” offers is like sampled from inside me. Hope and nostalgia go hand in hand and turn this musical canvas into my favorite hoodie, my most comfortable and familiar article of clothing.

“The beauty inside” couldn’t have been a more appropriate title for the music. The composer turned his magnifying glass towards the inside and wrote an honest and intimate score that wouldn’t work outside the confines of a soul. The musical thread is too fragile and precious to be exposed to the outside world. That’s what it makes me feel. It makes me feel shy and introverted and even if the music was written for a social film, I wouldn’t want to share it.

“Lonely hearts” reminds me of my favorite and special romantic comedies, the one that went a little deeper and felt more human, like “Serendipity” for example. The piano wears a quiet smile and tells its own story. It’s my kind of piano, simple, intimate and full of love. When it’s not the piano, the electronic keyboard and chimes take over and the effect is just as magical on me. The score is written in Rob Simonsen’s style and that’s one of my favorite sounds.

I will remember and relieve this wonderful little gem as I would my favorite days spent at the seaside. Sure a lot of those days fade into one another and feel similar but every now and then the sun seems to shine in a different way on the surface of the sea and everything falls into place in a more special way. This is what “The beauty inside” means to me.

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New Day

Alex’s Theme


Lonely Hearts

Not My Own


Antiques and Heartbreak

Lost and Found


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