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Soundtrack review: The prophet (Gabriel Yared – 2015)

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Soundtrack review: The prophet (Gabriel Yared – 2015)


“The Prophet” (full title Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet) is a 2014 animated film adapted from Kahlil Gibran’s book The Prophet. The film was produced by Salma Hayek, who also performed voice work. The production consisted of different directors for each of the film’s collective essays, with Animation director Roger Allers supervising and credited as screenwriter. The plot says that a dissident being kept under house arrest recounts valuable lessons in a series of vignettes while a mischievous young woman causes trouble in her town but it’s less important than the actual lessons. “The prophet” is actually one of the most special books for me and I enjoy reading from it from time to time. Gabriel Yared wrote the score and for me it’s great choice because he’s one of the most elegant composers.

He is also one of the composers who can silence the outside world for me in an instant with his gorgeous orchestral compositions as beautiful as a frozen lake in the middle of winter. The main theme from “The prophet” makes me yearn for a concert hall. I think I would get very emotional if I would hear this theme live and it would be a memorable moment. The violin…the supporting strings… the flow of the cue and all the emotion it gently rains on me are just magical. This right here is one of the most beautiful themes I’ve heard this year and it brought a little nostalgia because it sounds like one of Ennio Morricone’s more heartfelt wonders.

I wake up from the dream when the next cue “On eating & drinking” begins and not before it’s not good but because the tone is lighter and it reminds me that this is an animation film. “On marriage” goes Latin with sounds of castanets and tango like strings. I know they are supposed to sound Arabic but to me they are closer to Spanish. The two are related anyway. Marriage is indeed a tango and the composer couldn’t have chosen a better rhythm for this segment.

Surprisingly “On work” is one of the dreamiest musical sequences from this score, more beautiful than any of the relationship related cues. The music is as varied as the topics from the book and it’s a good thing. “Strike up the band” is the true Middle Eastern sounding cue from “The prophet”. I get the strange sensation of days passing as I listen to this score: some cues, like the dreamy “Mischief in the market” sound like marvelous sunsets after the agitation of the day. How magical is that flute…

I loved this score. It fits with my feelings about the book and I can see myself listening to it while reading passages. Add to that the Morricone nostalgia that pops up every now and then and we’ve got a winner.

Cue rating: 92 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 41

Album excellence: 59%


The Prophet

On Work

Mischief In The Market


You Are My Messenger

Fly Away

On Death

Almitra’s Voice


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