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Soundtrack review: Prayer never fails (Sid de la Cruz – 2016)

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Soundtrack review: Prayer never fails (Sid de la Cruz – 2016)


“Prayer never fails” is a 2016 movie which The tells the story of a high school basketball coach who gets is fired for praying with one of his players. By following God’s calling, he hires an agnostic, gambling-addicted lawyer to file a lawsuit. The experience changes both of them as defendant and lawyer learn about each other, letting a higher power guide them through the hardships of the trial. What’s interesting is that the cast includes some of my 90s heroes: Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas and Corbin Bernsen. Talk about nostalgia… The score was written by Sid de la Cruz, a composer familiar with the works of director Wes Miller.

There are times when all I need from a score is a nice, reflective and rainy atmosphere. I don’t need emotion all the time, or epic action or rousing cues; sometimes I like to sit back and let my thought flow with the help of good film music. The way “Prayer never fails” develops suits this kind of mood. It starts slowly, quietly but deep enough to affect me from the beginning. The natural evolution is that by the third cue, the wonderful piano theme “Aiden, are you there?” my heart is all into this composition. I love rain. I love rain no matter when it comes, regardless of season or moment and this score makes me think of a warm and peaceful rain coming to clean up the air. I revel in the music as I would in that unexpected rain and every piano stroke is starting to feel like a welcomed rain drop.

The electronic inserts that come every now and then are nothing more than thunders letting me know that the rain is here to stay. I adore the mood of this score. I love what the composer did with the piano and I feel all the emotion he poured into this score. I can recognize a labor of love and I am sure this composition is very personal to the composer; otherwise it couldn’t have affected me so.

In the end, the subject of the story is prayer and the presence of a higher power. I feel that in the music. I feel something beyond my control and I let it in. “Prayer never fails” is quite a gem and I recommend all of you give it a listen and see how it affects you. For me it was a beautiful autumn rain that I will revisit from time to time. The music is honest and intimate and I will keep my ears opened for Sid de la Cruz.

Cue rating: 91 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 16 / 31

Album excellence: 52%


Aiden, Are You There?

I’ll Pay You Back, I Promise

I Stand Here Shackled

We Are Making History

The Discussion

Prayer never fails


Mihnea Manduteanu

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